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Higher Reach for Dumping

Vacall's hydraulically controlled high-dump option is capable of raising debris body 76" vertically and 21" horizontally.


Lifetime Water Tanks

Standard lifetime warranty on 1/4 aluminum water tanks (only Vacall offers this.)
Special galvanized debris body with lifetime warranty (only Vacall offers galvanized steel as an option with lifetime warranty)


Direct Drive, No Oversizing

Direct drive positive displacement vacuum system (most efficient in the marketplace because direct drive means no engine HP oversizing required)


Easy Remote Control

Cambus controls allow 0 - 100% water access and 0-100% vacuum to be controlled with only four buttons. Lightweight pendant controller allows water, vacuum and boom to be remotely controlled. Auxiliary hydraulics allows boom, hose reel and  debris body to be moved without engine running.


Effective Debris Removal

Single hydraulic vibrator plate available for easy dislodging of debris tank material


Easier Access for Service

Accessability for service is the best in the industry. Note the accessability of components around the center section.

The VACALL™ high-productivity hydroexcavator excels with our high-pressure jetting and vacuuming system.
VACALL AllExcavate hydroexcavators are the superior tool with which you can efficiently excavate around water lines,sewer lines and other underground utilities, providing the vacuum and pressure capabilities that have made VACALL an industry leader.

For optimum operating efficiency and cost control, the AllExcavate hydroexcavator design uses the chassis engine to provide power for vacuum and jetting functions — a design that slashes fuel consumption, eliminates emissions from a second engine, and reduces costs and downtime for routine maintenance.

In gas and petroleum industry applications, AllExcavate hydroexcavators are proven performers for infrastructure exposure, frac tank cleanout, tie-ins of new lines and drilling rig cleanup, as well as mud removal and exposure of manifolds, valves and risers.

Features and Benefits

Visit the VACALL website for more detailed information.

The new GapVax™ Hydro Excavator units, are equipped with water capacity options of 400, 550, 750, 1000 or 1200 gallon tanks.

gapvaxGJetGapVax HV 56 offers a positive displacement pump; 5,250 CFM, 28" hg, 500 HP transfer case with air-shaft engagement.

PDF BROCHURE: Click [HERE] for a downloadable PDF.

gapvaxGJetGapVax HV High Dump Cat Air Vaccuum offers a 17 cubic yard debris body made from 1/4" EXTEN stell. Full opening tailgate with field-adjustable hing and dual cylinders.