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prd street sweepers

Single Engine Convenience

Vacall AllSweep- the only single engine sweeper on the market. PM 10 emissions compliant for California.


Powerful Suction

33,600 CFM true vacuum fan rating


All Types of Pavement

Water and brush speed can be controlled 0-100% for customized street cleaning. Vacall also offers the option to substitute high powered water jet nozzles for brushes for cleaning porous or permeable asphalt.


External Vacuum

External vacuum hose can be used to clean catch basins or vacuum up leaves

prd street sweepers

Powder Coated Durability

Powder coated exterior for long lasting paint adhesion (Vacall is the only manufacturer to use the powder coating paint process)


Largest Suction Width

96 inch dual suction nozzle width (largest suction width in the industry)

The VACALL™ AllSweep street and runway sweeper is also designed for catch basin cleaning and leaf collection.
Dynamic, multi-purpose VACALL vacuum street sweepers are set apart from routine street sweepers by high versatility, high performance and high value. AllSweep models are exceptionally versatile, handling the work of many machines to clean out catch basins as well as parking venues and airport runways.

AllSweep’s single or dual sweep system creates a sweep area that is wider than the vehicle itself – giving you the widest sweep path anywhere. Plus, AllSweep uses the chassis engine as a single power source, reducing fuel consumption and emissions as well as routine engine service cost and downtime.

An independent analysis by a certified test lab shows VACALL AllSweep models can deliver a maximum airflow of 31,000CFM — the best in the industry.

Features and Benefits

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